Ywa Haung Gyi Temple

Ywa Haung Gyi Temple

Ywa Haung Gyi Temple is one of the many pagodas covered in the Bagan Temple Guide. This guide is meant to give you an impression of what the pagodas look like. I’ve added a brief description for some of them with details I found relevant.

With Bagan’s 2000+ pagodas this is only a tiny selection, however, most, if not all, of the biggest and most popular ones should be included on this list. The Bagan Temple Guide is split into 3 posts and the first part is here, the second part here and the third part here.

Many of the pagodas are spelled in various ways so I’ve chosen the most common spelling used on Google searches. But under the section “Is it on Google Maps” (below) I’ve spelled the name the same way as Google Maps has. Otherwise you may not be able to find it.


You are not allowed to climb Ywa Haung Gyi Temple. There’s some bat poop inside. Otherwise nice little one that looks similar to the Myauk Guni/Taung Guni style.

Is it on Google Maps?

Yes, Ywa Haung Gyi can be found on Google Maps by typing in this spelling of the name.

Can it be climbed?



All pictures are taken with a Sony RX100 camera over the course of 6 days during the rainy season in July 2016. The pictures are shot in RAW and edited in Adobe Lightroom.

Ywa Haung Gyi Temple in Bagan, Myanmar Ywa Haung Gyi Temple in Bagan, Myanmar

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