Travel Stories

I’ve selected a few of the best travel stories from my trip around the world here. If you want to hear about bungy jumping, being robbed, being alone and frightened, conquering myself, looking within, adventure, sleeping on the street, crazy driving, when I ran from a hotel bill, having no clue what I’m doing or why, then pick any of the stories below.

I still have a bunch of stories from dozens of countries I haven’t gotten around to write yet. So, I’ll add new stories regularly. You can either check back here or subscribe to the blog so you will get an email when a new post is uploaded.

The Journey Begins
10 Days Vipassana Meditation Journal
Bungy Jumping from 216 m / 709 ft in South Africa
Panic in Egypt
Climbing Kilimanjaro
Hiking 100 km / 62 mi in a Day
Being Robbed and Held Hostage in Tanzania
Crazy Driving in Tanzania
Ridiculously Unprepared
When I Ran from a Hotel Bill in India

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