Travel Advice

Here is a quick overview of the most important travel advice you need on saving money, making money, staying safe, reducing your backpack weight and more.

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The advice below will help you realize that you can indeed travel. It’s not only for a special group of people. You can save the money, find the courage and explore the world too!

Cost to Travel

How Much does it Cost to Travel?

Making Money While Traveling

Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Saving Money While Traveling

How to Save Money on Accommodation
How to Save Money on Food
How to Save Money on Water
Ways to Save Money on Transportation
How to Find the Cheapest Flight Part 1
How to Find the Cheapest Flight Part 2
How to Save Money on Attractions
More Ways to Save Money

Travel Insurance

Advice on Travel Insurance

Travel Safety

Is it Safe to Travel?
Fear of Traveling
Travel Safety Warnings
Travel Safety Tips
How to Prevent Theft
How to Stay Safe when Taking a Taxi

How to Pack (Ultra) Light

11 Tips on Reducing Backpack Weight

Other Travel Advice

How to Deal with Touts
How Our Experiences Are Defined
How to Have Better Experiences
How to Prevent Travel Burnout
How to Deal with Travel Burnout

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