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For convenience I’ve picked some of the best travel advice and stories from my trip around the world.
Below is some of the most important content categorized for convenience with links to explore more of each section.

This blog and the advice found here is for anyone who wants to travel more but don’t know how and in particular for anyone who wants to quit their job and sell everything to live a life of travel. I wish to show you that if you believe that it’s not possible for you that you most likely are wrong.

Travel Advice

How Much Does it Cost to Travel?
Is it Safe to Travel?
Travel Safety Tips
Ways to Make Money While Traveling
How to Save Money on Accommodation
Ways to Save Money on Transportation
How to Find the Cheapest Flight Part 1
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Travel Stories

The Journey Begins
10 Days Vipassana Meditation Journal
Bungy Jumping from 216 m / 709 ft in South Africa
Panic in Egypt
Climbing Kilimanjaro
Hiking 100 km / 62 mi in a Day
Being Robbed and Held Hostage in Tanzania
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Interviews with Other Travelers

Interview with a Traveler – Alison
Interview with a Vagabond – Nathanaël
Interview with a Traveler – Linn

Travel Lists

How to Pack Light
The Ultimate Driver’s Survival Guide to India

Other Travel Related Posts

Inspiring Travelers


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