Mountain Hardwear Nilas Down Jacket Review

Unfortunately I can’t show you any pictures of this jacket because it was stolen when I shipped it back home.

The Mountain Hardwear Nilas Down Jacket is surprisingly warm considering how lightweight it is and it’s super comfy to wear. I used this jacket while trekking the Three Passes Trek in the Mount Everest National Park in Himalaya, Nepal. Combined with my Patagonia fleece, Marmot Leadville Jacket, Montane Nitro Down Jacket, RAB base layers, Bridgedale socks and Mountain Hardwear pants I was warm even when sitting still. Most of the time I didn’t need to have all of that clothes on at the same time.

I never needed the Mountain Hardwear Nilas Down Jacket while trekking, that would be total overkill. I used it when I reached my destinations to stay warm. The tea huts don’t have heating so you have to rely on your clothes. I also used it during Danish wintertime and it was always sufficient way below freezing with just a normal hoody underneath.

There are 2 things I don’t like about this jacket. The price! And the zipper. I can’t zip the jacket with one hand. I have to use my other hand to pull the other way or I will just pull the jacket up instead of the zipper. I find it pretty annoying when I’m biking or carrying something.

With that being said it is an extremely comfy jacket.

I rate it 8/10 because it’s expensive and because the zipper is annoying.

You can get the jacket here.

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