HMA VPN (Hide My Ass, Virtual Private Network) Review

I wish I could say the HMA VPN is amazing. Because a VPN is a brilliant piece of software. They also have an absolutely incredible deal for affiliates! But I simply cannot stand by this product. The speed is totally unacceptable. I’ve been using this service for a few years and it’s never been great. Sometimes it works alright but the connection has always been reduced significantly no matter where I was and which server I used.

They do have fairly good customer support though. Whenever I contact them I get an answer within a day or 2, but they haven’t been able to sort out the speed issues after several attempts. They tend to suggest the same fixes as their outdated help files on their website. I’ve gone through all the solutions they have on speed issues several times with zero result. It’s not uncommon I’m unable to stream a YouTube video or even load a webpage. The email often can’t connect even though I’ve changed the ports according to their help files.

When I look at reviews of HMA VPN there are a lot of people who seem to be happy about the service, so I suspect the difference might be the location. Perhaps it works fine in the States, but for my needs this is not the right VPN.

They have a lot of servers all over the world though, which gives you a lot of options and flexibility when it works.

I’ve been using this VPN in different locations in Copenhagen with various results. The email still had trouble connecting sometimes. The speed would always go down significantly but often at a level where I could still stream a video.

I’ve also used it in many countries in Asia and often it’s been hopeless and I’ve had to switch it off completely no matter how good my connection was. Then what good is it?

Another very important thing to know is that they keep logs for 3 months and there have been cases where they have handed out details to the authorities. Meaning, that their claim about your privacy being secure with them is a lie.

Finally, they don’t inform their customers that once you sign up they change the settings in your account to automatic renewal even if you think you just pay for 12 months at a time. It doesn’t matter if you are unaware of this or not, there is no refund if you don’t notice this before the renewal.

I cannot recommend the HMA VPN at all. Once my current subscription expires I will find something else.

4/10 Low speed, low security, unreliable. No thanks.

Update: I’ve switched to IVPN which is leagues above HMA. It is everything a VPN should be. The servers are actually fast as promised and they don’t keep any logs. In my experience it’s a far, far better VPN. I highly recommend you check out IVPN.

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