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GoPro accessories can be a bit expensive if you want the original GoPro gear. But if you don’t mind 3rd party accessory you can take a look at the cheap bundle deals below.

GoPro Hero 3 Plus Accessories

GoPro Accessory Bundles

I’m using mostly 3rd party GoPro accessories myself and it’s worked fine for the most part.

Whether you want GoPro originals or 3rd party then I suggest these for maximum flexibility. The original GoPro gear is a lot more expensive though. I have most of the GoPro accessories below in other brands.

Head Strap

I find the head strap to be useful in so many situations. It’s nice when you want to shoot a point of view video. This is my favorite mount and I use it 90% of the time.

Chest Strap

The chest strap is useful if you want the camera movements to be more steady or want the camera to shoot in one direction while being free to move your head around.

Wrist Strap

I personally don’t use this much and prefer the head strap over this. But there might be situations where this one is preferable.

Handlebar / Seatpost Mount

This can be attached to branches, signs and bars all over town.

Selfie Stick

So you can take crazy pictures of yourself jumping out of planes and riding tigers. I think everyone knows what a selfie stick is nowadays.

Hand Grip Floating Mount

This is great for activities in the water. It ’s a hand grip that floats so you won’t lose your camera if it slips out of your hand.


This is a much smaller floating device than the hand grip, but it prevents your camera from sinking into the depths of the ocean just as well.

Suction Cup

Perfect for road trips. I would have liked to have had this for my own road trip in Jordan. The video would have been a lot more steady with this.

NOTE: Remember to check that you buy accessories for the correct version of the GoPro camera you have.

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