Bungy jumping from 216 m / 709 ft in South Africa (Part 1)

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On the 19th December 2013, I went to the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. I walked out to the middle of the bridge, went to the edge with my toes sticking out. I looked at the beautiful scenery in front of me. Then I looked down at the river, in the depths, of the valley, 216 m/709 ft, below me. I freaked out, thought to myself, “No – no way!” then I heard the guys behind me yell, “Bungy!” and I jumped.

Bungy Jump-15

Bloukrans Bridge

I had just jumped from the highest bungy jump bridge in the world, something I had never thought I would do. But here I was, plummeting towards the ground at nerve shattering speed.

Bungy Jump-2

I went with a group of people from the hostel, I was staying at, and the whole morning I was so nervous. We all were. From 9 am till the jump around 1 pm, I went to the toilet 10-11 times. I peed and pooped like there was no end to it. Even though I tried to stay calm and focus on my breath, the fear of what was about to happen was just too overwhelming.

Bungy Jump-16

When we arrived at the bridge and I saw the distance, I really started doubting if I was able to do it. It suddenly became even more real. From the viewing area, where we were waiting for our trip to the bridge, we could see one after the other make the jump. Tiny dots jumping off the bridge and falling hundreds of feet before the rope would pull them back up.

Bungy Jump-18

When they called for us, my heart started pounding, and my body started shivering. I wished I was somewhere else, or that it was all over.

Bungy Jump-20

The walk, from the beginning of the bridge, to the middle, where we were going to jump from, was absolutely terrifying. You walk on a small enclosed see-through bridge attached to the side of the actual bridge. There is probably a few hundred meters/yards to the middle, and it doesn’t take more than a few steps before you feel like walking in midair. The valley is very steep, so most of the walk, to the middle, is 150-216 m/500-709 ft above the ground. The floor was giving slightly, every time I stepped between the bars, making it feel like I could fall through anytime.

Bungy Jump-4

My number came up – it was time. They put on my harness, and I tried to hold on to every second of the preparation, in an attempt to stop time, so I would never have to jump.
Once the harness was attached I could no longer walk, because my feet was held together. 2 guys helped me close to the edge where they attached the rope to my harness and made the last checks and adjustments. The safety chain in front of me was removed and I put my arms around the 2 guys who lifted me to the edge of the bridge.

Bungy Jump-7

The whole panorama of the valley, the hills and forests revealed itself fully. My toes were sticking out over the edge, and when I looked down, I freaked out. It was just too high! The river below me seemed like it was miles away. Everything down in the depths of the valley was so tiny. There was just way too much open space and I was too close to the edge. The scenery was beautiful, lush trees, rocks and rivers. The music behind me was loud and pumping, in an attempt to psyche people to build up enough courage to lose their mind, for just a short second.

Bungy Jump-6

They started counting, “3…2…1…” and all I could think was, “No, way. I cannot do this. No, way. It’s too high. No, no. I am not gonna do it. But I don’t want to still stand here when they finish counting. Then it will be even harder. You have to do it now. You have to! Just lose your mind for one second. Don’t think about it, just jump! No! No, way.” Then I heard the word, “Bungy!” behind me. And I jumped…

Bungy Jump-5

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