African Safari – A Great Adventure (Part 4)

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Having big animals so close to the car is fantastic. We had lots of elephants close to the car and some of them even started flapping their ears, a sign they are agitated, so you have to be careful. But they were so beautiful, and BIG. (Some of them can be seen in the video below.) For some reason I feel so attached to the elephants, they somehow seem so good-hearted, gentle and caring. (Just like dolphins.) Some of them grouped together as a way to protect each other, while cooling themselves down with the dirt. However weird that may sound. (It’s also in the video.)



While watching the group of elephants on one side of the car, we had 2 other elephants on the other side fighting. (It’s in the video.)


One morning, just outside of camp, we came by 2 giraffes trying to mate. And yes, trying is the keyword here. With legs like that it’s obvious it’s a challenge. Not only did they have a hard time because of the sexually challenged anatomy, the female also played hard to get. Every time the male jumped onto her from behind, she simply took one step forward so he fell down again. Then she looked back at him as if saying, “What are you doing, what are you waiting for? Come on!”


He kept trying and every time she took a step forward making him fall back down. In an attempt to make her stay he instead started kissing her. When giraffes are kissing it involves a lot of tongue, and their tongues are pretty big. I’ve had one lick me in South Africa, and it didn’t exactly turn me on, even though she had nice eye lashes. But perhaps he was just too heavy for her, I imagine a giraffe on your back requires some strong quadriceps and hamstrings. Looking at a giraffes legs I don’t see any muscles there. But it was kinda sweet when he rubbed his head against her neck and begging her to stand still for a moment. Whether that worked or not I do not know, because we moved on.


Now, seeing a giraffe try to drink water makes you wonder why they don’t have bigger legs, because that involves some serious squatting. I had a recording of this on my (stolen) phone. It probably takes them a minute to get in a position to reach the water, because God found it humorous to make a giraffes neck shorter than its legs. So, when they have to drink they have to take small steps to the side with the front legs while staying upright with the back legs. They do these small steps to the side numerous times and for each time they check to see if they can reach the water. This is a long, slow and challenging process, but eventually they reach the water, standing in the most bizarre and exposed position. Half squatting half in split position while stretching their long neck to drink from the waterhole.



However, the giraffes were not the only ones having trouble with their sex life. We saw a male lion with a couple of females around him. He had found the one and only and was ready to commit to her, but it seems to be a universal thing for females to make it difficult (did I really say that loud?), so the lion king also had his difficulties. It could also have something to do with the 21 (yes, I counted them) cars full of people watching them, that made him (or her) feel slightly too exposed.


The baboons sex life, on the other hand, was quite different. Way more active and carefree. We passed a big group of baboons (they can be seen in the video) in the Ngorongoro Crater, and it was very lively to say the least. They were fighting, fucking and screaming like they had to get the last joy out of life before the cataclysm would strike the day after. There were adult, young and baby baboons all over the place. The baby baboons seemed to be mostly used for entertainment for the rest of the clan. One young baboon grabbed one of the small ones and tried to rape it. Somehow it managed to get out of its grasp. So, what do you do?


This particular baboon decided to just jerk off instead. In the middle of everything. Carefree and spontaneous. If it couldn’t have the little one, it would just have to satisfy itself. It was very common to see them hit or kick each other when they walked past each other. One adult grabbed a small one and started shaking it violently and then threw it away when it was done. The small one didn’t seem bothered by it, but just kept running around. Another adult took one of the small ones and slammed it into the trunk of a tree a few times before throwing it away. We stayed there for 10 minutes or so and they were sprinting around all over the place all the time.


Finally there are the zebras. They gotta be the most paranoid creature on this planet. We agreed that zebras had to be reincarnations of people who had done bad things to others. So, now they had to live a life in fear and paranoia of everything around them. No one is afraid of the zebra, but everyone wants a bite of them. Watching them trying to drink water was quite a sight. It literally took them hours to build up the courage to go close enough to the water to drink from it. The slightest movement would send them fleeing in all directions, leaving a cloud of dust behind them. Then they would wait for a while and slowly move back to the water, only to sprint away again.


Even when the migration, with thousands and thousands of zebras, reached a waterhole they stopped up far away from it. If they were smart they could take on any predator with ease because of their sheer number. But they are not.

Check out the safari video below.
Unfortunately, the quality suffered greatly because I lost my good camera when I was robbed. It’s also very shaky because of the bad conditions of the roads. I hope you like it anyway.

If you are interested in an African Safari and don’t want to go to Tanzania to arrange your own tour you can find one that suits you here:

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