Adobe Lightroom Review

I just love this program! Once you learn the basics of Adobe Lightroom, which isn’t really that complicated once you take a few hours to sit down and properly get into it, it’s so easy to do a basic retouch and make your RAW files look incredible. But you can take it so much further if you want to. I’m not really sure what to say about this other than a “must have” if you want nice pictures.

Adobe Lightroom 500x500

Lightroom’s library window.

I’ve considered writing a basic beginner’s guide to Adobe Lightroom at some point if there’s an interest in that.

If you have, or want to get, Lightroom but don’t know where to start then I can highly recommend Anthony Morganti’s free YouTube tutorial for Lightroom 5. This is how I learned to use it. He’s incredible at explaining everything in a perfect pace, step by step. He has a really calm, soothing voice and is really good at teaching everything in a way that is easy to understand. I watched the first 12 videos in his series and then hand picked a few here and there. After that I felt I really understood the basics.

Adobe Lightroom 500x500-2

Navigation panel of all your folders to the left.

He also has a series for Lightroom 6. I haven’t seen it, because I’m using Lightroom 5, but I imagine it’s the same teaching style as the other series. He also has some stuff on Photoshop.

Adobe Lightroom 500x500-3

The develop window where you have all the editing tools to the right. (Shown below.)

Later I started watching Serge Ramelli’s free YouTube videos. He uses a lot of color and saturation in his pictures and not everyone will like it. He doesn’t have the same calm and clear teaching style Anthony Morganti has but he does teach a lot of nifty tricks I find particularly useful for landscape editing.

Adobe Lightroom 500x500-4

Adobe Lightroom 500x500-5











I suggest starting out with Anthony Morganti at least for the basics and then if you feel like learning more from a different approach check out Serge Ramelli. Serge started advertising a lot of his stuff lately but you can just skip ahead to the actual teaching.

Adobe Lightroom 500x500-6

Adobe Lightroom 500x500-7











I don’t know either of the guys and I’m not affiliated with them. I just really like what I learned from them so maybe you’ll find their videos useful too. Those guys are the only resources I’ve used to learn Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom 500x500-9 Adobe Lightroom 500x500-8











Lightroom isn’t as complex as it may seem at first (at least not the basics) yet it’s extremely powerful. With a decent camera, such as the Sony RX100 I use, shooting in RAW and processing it in Lightroom you can get some impressive results every time.

Definitely a 10/10.

You can buy Lightroom here

Adobe’s photography package for individuals

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