About Me

profile-picture-from-camino-de-santiago Hi! Welcome to my travel blog!

This is where I write about all my travel stories and experiences. Where I share what I learn, the pictures I take, the things I see and hear.

But who am I, the guy behind the blog?

selfie-16Hmm, I don’t know, I’m still trying to find the answer to that. In the meantime reading this page might give you an impression.

In 2013 I sold my apartment and all my belongings to backpack around the world and visit all continents. You can read about my first few days on the road here.

After having dealt with a lot of difficult personal issues it was a way for me to start my life all over, find the “new me” (still looking) and to follow my dreams.

This is my journey to personal freedom and fulfillment.

There are so many people who would like to travel more, who has concerns about certain places and can’t seem to afford it. I see and feel their frustrations and the longings to live out their dream. I know the frustrations and the deep desire myself.

selfie-58So, with this blog I want to show you that traveling isn’t as expensive as you may think, it’s nowhere near as dangerous as the media tells us (in fact, it’s not dangerous at all), it’s much more rewarding than you may think and it’s possible for most people in “developed countries” if they really want to.

However, I’m not going to lie, traveling can also be rough. But to me it’s totally worth it.

selfie-44No matter where you started in life and how bad your circumstances were I believe it’s possible to change it with commitment and determination. I know how huge a difference I’ve made in my own life, and continue to, and I definitely don’t have any super powers. So, if someone like me can change his life and mental and emotional health, then so can you.

I’ve created this blog to share my experiences, to help and encourage other people to travel and also as a personal challenge to see if I can sustain my travels this way.

This blog is a way for me to express myself, learn and be creative. I love all the aspects involved; writing, photography, editing everything and putting it together in a presentable way I’m satisfied with and you hopefully find helpful.

selfie-39But on a more personal level it’s a great way for me to overcome my concerns about “being seen”. Since I was a child I’ve always been hiding, too afraid to be noticed, too afraid to make mistakes, say something wrong or hurt someone.

Furthermore it’s a way for me to express myself. Something I’ve always found difficult because I learned very early that showing myself could result in some kind of abuse.

I had a rough beginning coming to this world. I hope I will be able to help people who grew up under similar circumstances, sometime in the future. 

Some Personal Achievement

My Life Goals

Why am I doing what I am doing? What’s my purpose in life? What do I seek? You can find the answers here.

Random Facts About MeTaken in Jordan. Syria to the left, Iraq straight ahead and Saudi Arabia to the right

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More Pictures of Me

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My Itinerary

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My Travel Diplomas

I’ve gathered a few diplomas, for whatever it’s worth, during my travels. If that is something you find interesting, click here.

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