About This Blog

This blog is for those of you who would like to travel but aren’t sure how to make it possible. For those who wants to quit their job, sell everything and live a life of travel. For those who are concerned and don’t believe it’s possible.

Everyone can travel if they want to. Young, old, couples, couples with kids, poor people and females traveling alone.

Life is too short to waste away on something you don’t really love to do. If you don’t love what you are doing, change it. Live your dream!

I’ve never enjoyed planning too much and often when I go to a new country I have to figure out what I’m going to do and how to get there.

About BlogTypically I have some places marked on Google Maps (usually by searching for something like, “most beautiful places in X”) and that’s about it.

I’ve never owned a guide book and rely solely on what I can find online and what other travelers tell me. I prefer to just go and see what happens and stick to tiny bits of specific information here and there that are easy to digest.

Even when I bookmark stuff for later I tend to forget about it. This also means that I’m making a ton of mistakes because of my ignorance and laziness. A great deal of that could have been prevented.

About Blog

But I’m learning so much from all these mistakes and this blog is where I share it all. Sometimes it’s a useful advice, other times it may just be a good laugh.

I meet so many travelers who still spend way too much on flight tickets, who has concerns about safety or aren’t ready to make the decision to travel even though they want to.

With so many people traveling from all over the world I only meet a tiny fraction of them, obviously. However, the questions are all the same. How much does it cost to travel? Is it safe? How can you make money while traveling? What about travel insurance, vaccinations, traveling alone and missing friends, getting from A to B etc etc. I’m doing my best to answer them.

About BlogI’ve been robbed, held hostage, had my things stolen from my private room and from the reception at a hostel. Had someone try to snatch my phone on the street.
I’ve lost so much gear from my shipments, probably in excess of $1000, been cheated several times by my travel insurance company, been panicking in strange situations and been scammed more times than I can count.

About BlogI went to Tanzania without looking into what was required to get a visa or where to stay.

If it hadn’t been for the only other foreigner on my flight who was so incredibly kind to lend me (a total stranger) $100 out of the blue, I would have been stranded in Dar es Salaam Airport with no way of getting in. I most certainly would have had to pay an outrageous amount for a ticket out of the country.

But everything always works out in the end. Everything could have been avoided if I had known better. I’m making all the mistakes so you don’t have to and I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you.

About BlogThis blog is a mix of the stories, observations and lessons from my often unprepared, naive stumbling around the world.

I currently have nearly 15000 pictures and I’d like to share some of them, hoping it will inspire you to go traveling too.

Finally, I’d like to make a living from this blog, a challenge I’m eager to face, but never at the expense of, or by taking advantage of, my readers or anyone else.

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